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It’s been almost one month already since I’ve started an exciting new journey in my career.

Since then, I have been extremely busy through the transition from being a full-time freelancer to becoming a full-time CTO. During all of the chaos and the (quickly) approaching holidays, I thought that, in the spirit of the New Year and a new direction, I would start working on my resolutions for 2016.

Finding a Balance

The busier I have become, the more I have pulled away from social media and socializing in communities on the internet. It wasn’t exactly intentional, but it happened. On one hand, it had been a refreshing experience to be disconnected, but recently, that disconnect affected me both personally and, somewhat, professionally and it was a wake-up call that something needed to change.

I needed to find the balance.

Most of my 2016 resolutions are centered around becoming more engaged professionally both online and off and trying to do it while balancing my personal life (and without going AWOL entirely from places like Facebook). Professionally, I want to contribute more to open source projects, pay more attention to social media and participate often, become more involved in the community, attend more tech conferences, and even sign up to start speaking, if I can manage it.

While creating my list of resolutions, the most recurrent theme at the core of the goal was that I just wanted to start sharing my experiences more openly, especially online. As a result, my number one resolution for 2016 is to reboot my blog and begin writing again.

Rebuilding my personal blog has been on my to-do list the last couple of years. I have written blog posts here and there throughout the last year but I haven’t seriously (or regularly) blogged for a very long time.

Done is Better Than Perfect

I don’t want to get caught up in the tedious specifics that can quickly become the major distractions of creating a blog. As Facebook’s Ben Barry said On How to Hack Your Job, “Done is better than perfect”. So for now, there won’t be a clever blog name or anything flashy in terms of a design. I don’t think it’s necessary here. When it comes to my personal goals, I also have a tendency to be a perfectionist and that’s not what this is about. I just want the simplicity and consistency of writing about my experiences without excuses, especially the biggest one: “I just don’t have the time.”

There is no better time than right now.


Overall, I want my blog to serve as a journal of my personal growth.

This is for myself as much as it is to share with others.

I want it to be a place where I can share the ideas and projects that I’m currently working on and talk about some of the projects I’ve done in the past. I would love to write up a tutorial on building something amazing that I am in the process of learning myself.

I want to share my challenges as a developer and, now, a CTO.

I want to talk about what it’s like to be both a woman, and a mother, in a STEM career.

I want to share where I find my inspiration on the daily.

I want to share my love of video games, playing piano, martial arts, and the 1000’s of other interests I have with others who might also find it interesting.

But most importantly:

I want whatever I write to be honest (even raw and emotional, if that is what it requires) and that means including both my successes and failures—where I made mistakes or where I didn’t, and ultimately—what I learned from it.

I realize all of this is a pretty demanding order for 2016, especially when it comes to my other resolutions. I need to start somewhere and the reality is nothing worth doing is easy. To stay grounded, my goal is to be consistent and start writing one blog a week and go from there. If I happen to have more to say that week – that’s wonderful! If not, that is still 52 blogs of commitment.

See you in 2016!

Christi Richards is a passionate Full-Stack Engineer currently serving as Chief Technology Officer. She has 20 years of industry experience in both front and back-end programming, web development, and design.

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