Christi Richards

Christi Richards

Full-Stack Engineer & Chief Technology Officer @


"Finally got a GeForce NOW Beta invite. I just loaded up Fortnite and gave it a shot on Ultra on my MacBook Pro. It…"

"RT @grobmeier: "Hey, whats your job?" In 1998: I code websites!!! In 2004: I survived the bubble and still code cool shit! In 2008: I code…"



Christi RichardsChristi Richards

For availability, meeting scheduling, or upcoming speaking opportunities use the details below to get in contact with me.  Currently available for both local and remote speaking opportunities as scheduling allows.

Christi Richards

208 Shields Road
Youngstown, Ohio 44512
United States

Phone:  (330) 565-9749
E-mail:  [email protected]
Twitter: @christirichards
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Christi Richards is a passionate Full-Stack Engineer currently serving as Chief Technology Officer. She has 20 years of industry experience in both front and back-end programming, web development, and design.

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