Christi Richards

Christi Richards

Full-Stack Engineer & Chief Technology Officer @


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Christi RichardsChristi Richards

I’m a full-stack web developer and Chief Technology Officer at

I have a passion for all things technical and creative and find inspiration in the everyday things around me.  I am in love functional design and enjoy weaving different disciplines of style, art, and technology into my projects. I have over 15 years of development experience dating back to when animated gifs, tables, and Geocities were still cool. (It’s true!)

My specialties include working with early and mid-stage startups and building communities from the ground up. I try to involve myself in projects and businesses that have a positive impact on the world whenever possible.

I have spent over the last three years working contractually as a web developer and consultant to  In November of 2015, I formally joined the team as Chief Technology Officer.

I am always searching for new and inventive side project ideas and try to commit to as many helpful and positive projects as my busy schedule allows.  I have a particular interest in bringing more women into IT, especially where it concerns web development, programming and other STEM-related activities. I am open to speaking engagement opportunities on a variety of web development topics and would be glad to visit a classroom or conference to share some of my industry experience.


When I’m not on the job, I enjoy playing classical piano, being a vocalist (R&B/Jazz), playing video games, practicing Tae Kwon Do, as well as spending as much time as possible with my husband, son, my pomeranian, Dante, and two rescued parrots – an African Grey named Merlin and an Indian Ringneck, fondly called “Pickle”.


Christi Richards is a passionate Full-Stack Engineer currently serving as Chief Technology Officer. She has 20 years of industry experience in both front and back-end programming, web development, and design.